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You have written. You would like to package your content well, and sell it. But you don’t know how to. Scribe House will tell you how, and do it for you even, at an affordable cost. We will help you budget and cost your work, taking you step by step, linking you up with competent service providers for each stage of the publishing process, till your work is positioned at strategic selling points.



We offer a wide range of editorial solutions for print and online copy. We edit fiction and non-fiction books, short stories, magazines, reports, research papers, and any other publication in line with our values.

Junior Scribes

The cry of many over the years has been ‘Africans have a poor reading culture.’ Scribe House encourages reading among youth by publishing children’s and Y/A literature. We have partnered with TWOG, a company that creates word games for toddlers and ‘tweens’. Scribe House organises reading and writing workshops in schools, where youth can have fun with TWOG’s interactive word games!

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Why Scribe House?

We will nurture your story...

...to its full glory.

The Team

Our Values

Scribe House is founded on Christian principles. We value integrity, excellence, love and passion that motivate prompt, efficient service. We work with content that does not contradict Biblical theism.

About us

Scribe House is a publishing agency based in Uganda, that recognises the scarcity of excellent, affordable editors in Africa, and thus offers unique and specialised editing services, as well as publishing and promotional advice to firms and individuals across the continent. Editing and publishing consultancies are comfortably transacted online, and each of our services are clearly and individually packaged and priced for ease of access. We also recognise the need for increased literacy levels, and the need to inspire an improved reading culture in Africa. Our Junior Scribes programmes cater to this.

We are ‘serving authors and raising readers.’

We will edit your work, and present it in a way anyone in the world would want to read it.

We will help you publish your book, or magazine, or report, or research paper, or any other publication in line with our values, and we will show you how to sell it.

If you can’t write it, we will transcribe it.

We are a home for scribes.
A scribe’s house.
Scribe House.


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