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Posted on : 13-07-2021 Category : Junior Scribes

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One evening a few years ago, during a fellowship of young Christian friends, a lady’s turn came to introduce herself. Among the many things Crystal said was that she is an editor and a writer. She went ahead to mention some of the projects she had worked on. That was my most perplexing moment of the evening. I couldn't help wondering how one gets to be an editor with a not-so-humble list of published works with some of the major publishers of the land, at such a young age.

There I was so convinced that all the literary works I had kept in the dark were about to receive some light. However that was not going to be any time soon because she later shared of her intending travel to Scotland for her master’s degree in publishing. The works which were warming up for the ray of light would have to stay sandwiched in the dark covers of the stacks of notebooks in my shelves for another year or so.

I don't quite remember if we talked that night. But thanks to the internet that has fused time zones, I would often be working late and find her online. Much of my writing came to her attention with the short pieces I shared on different social media platforms, especially within the fellowship group. I told her of my other stacked up pieces. And when she got back from Scotland, she dug through almost every page of my scrapbooks, drafts, and journal pages. I was putting together a number of children's short poetic pieces, which I later used for educational word games that I began to create. Crystal and I agreed to work on a series of the pieces together. She said she had found a children's story writer and story concept developer, and I, had found guidance and exposure for the development of my products. And together, we are making Scribe House and TWOG games a delight for all the children in our reach.

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