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In High School I was always singled out in our English classes, for having the best ‘summaries’ in the class. I had no idea at the time that this particular talent could be used, or indeed that it even had a name and full-blown profession behind it! I soon came to discover that this was just a harbinger of my constant exposure and connection to the literary world.

The first time I came across the possibility of working as an editor, is when a friend Bake Tumuhaise asked if I’d be interested in editing with his company. He later asked me to represent his company at an editorial workshop being held by AWT. For some reason, that didn’t come to pass, but I’m telling you God works in mysterious ways!!! I spent 7 years working as the finance and administration officer of an energy resource NGO, where I supervised accounts, staff payment and welfare, and organized project workshops and trainings. I was still able to flex my writing and editing skills through narrative and financial reports, and the research, compilation and editing of project proposals. After the birth of my first child, I left formal employment and edited freelance; mostly assisting Crystal with any overflow of work she received, while co-running family businesses and our home. I realized that I quite enjoyed being handed a loooooong pile of work, and covering it in red through structural and grammatical changes! I still get that tingly warm feeling every time I’m able to take three pages of work and say the exact same thing in one or two paragraphs!

About 4 years after first hearing of AWT, Crystal urged me to answer a call from them for a Conference Coordinator for their 2nd edition of UIWC. I absolutely JUMPED at the chance to work with Goretti Kyomuhendo, and in the literary world. After almost 5yrs as a stay-at-home mom, it was a scary but exhilarating step back into the workforce. I learned an immense amount about editing and the literary world in the three years with AWT running its editorial workshop program and biennial writers’ conferences. I was also privileged to gain firsthand publishing experience through the compilation, publication and launching of AWTs Anthology titled Moonscapes, and to organize the book launch. Most valued from the many things I learned under the motherly leadership of Ms Kyomuhendo, is the importance of attention to detail.

While at AWT, I continued to take a few editing jobs with Crystal, and was privileged to witness her birthing the idea of Scribe House. Once the name Scribe House was found, Crystal asked me to come on board. Of course, I immediately said yes! And as they say, the rest is history! I believe in Scribe House most importantly because I know and believe in Crystal’s skills, talent and superintelligence. And that’s how I know that when it comes to editing and publishing your precious work; you could not be in better hands! I hope to see and work with you soon!

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